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Cory Boatright

Hi, I'm Cory Boatright. Welcome to my profile!

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My name is Cory Boatright. I am 38 years old. I have started, run, or been directly involved with almost forty different companies in my twenties. I have sold everything from Ginsu knives on eBay, Kirby vacuum cleaners door-to-door, to all the way to $50,000 high-end electronics Online. Out of the forty-something companies, only two were successful. The other thirty-eight call "business coaching and life coaching therapy". After bringing in almost four million dollars in revenue from the first company, I sold it and directed my passion to the world of real estate coaching and real estate investing. Here's a few cool-a$$ accomplishments: - Linkedin voted me Top 1% of 200 million most viewed profiles - I was published in the Wall Street Journal - Linkedin ranked me #1 for business mentor, life coach and real estate coach - My 3 business books became Amazon Best Sellers - Fast Company awarded me #4 in the world for "Most Influential Internet Marketers Online" - Harvard University asked me to come speak - I defeated thyroid cancer (blessed and grateful) - I created a mobile app development business with revenues of 1 million in less than a year - My mobile App "" has received over 200,000 downloads - One of my students companies has revenues close to 10 million dollars from hiring me as business mentor who specializes in real estate coaching and life coaching - I've climbed part of the Great Wall of China, walked tigers in Thailand, traveled all of the world - I skydived twice (backflipped out the second time) - I'm friends with some of the coolest, influential, impactful and successful people on the planet I created marketing brands in different niches. - Short Sale Real Estate RealEstateServant - Real Estate Investing & Real Estate Education Onlinebizology - Internet Marketing Top Pocket Free Games - Mobile App development At the age of 37, the biggest lesson I have learned in life is - Remember... be a servant. #rbas

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Entrepreneur start ups, playing guitar, consulting, writing, creating, surfing on the Web, reading the Bible, blogging, serving

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